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Fort Worth Dental Implants

24 Oct 2016, by admin in Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Fort Worth

Missing teeth not only affect your appearance, they can significantly impact the health of your other teeth along with the health and function of your jaws.  Here at Wharry Family Dental, we offer many suitable options for the replacement of missing or lost teeth. Our Fort Worth dental implants represent the latest technology and are the most advanced choice for restoring the health and beauty of your smile.


Forth Worth Dental Implants

While fixed bridges, partial and complete dentures provide suitable solutions in many cases of missing teeth, our Fort Worth dental implants offer you several benefits over these more traditional approaches. The biggest advantage is that dental implants come the closest of all of the restorative options available today to replicating the look and feel of your natural teeth. Unlike the case conventional dental bridgework where the teeth on either side of the empty space need extensive work and dental crowns to support the replacement tooth, a dental implant does not require that these teeth be touched. It essentially involves the placement of a small surgical fixture into the bone in the empty space where the tooth was lost. This fixture or implant behaves in the same manner as the root of a natural tooth, and eventually supports a lifelike dental crown.

There are also other types of dental implants done at Wharry Family Dental, including ones that are designed to help retain dentures. If you happen to be a denture wearer you will really appreciate this added stability. It means no more worries about the denture dislodging or flopping around. You can chew, speak, and laugh with ease.  Best of all there is no longer a need for any messy adhesives

It is most important to remember that you should brush, floss, and maintain your Fort Worth dental implants in much the same way as would do for your natural teeth. In fact excellent oral hygiene and routine dental care are absolutely essential to avoid any problems that will compromise the stability and success your implants.


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