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Fort Worth Tooth Extractions

05 Oct 2017, by admin in Teeth Extractions

Where can I get Fort Worth tooth extractions?

In some cases, a tooth may be damaged beyond repair. Understandably, Fort Worth extractions can be an undesirable procedure to contemplate on the part of the patient. At Wharry Family Dental, we strive to give our patients the healthiest smiles possible, even if it means the removal of a tooth. Our compassionate staff does everything possible to keep our patients fully informed, and at ease – even in the unfortunate circumstances where an extraction is the required treatment.   When it comes to Fort Worth extractions, Wharry Family Dental is the leading-edge practice where you will receive the highest-quality care.

Fort Worth Tooth Extractions

Having Fort Worth extractions may be necessary for the health benefit of your smile. Typically, the removal of a tooth (or teeth, depending on each patient’s individual case) is performed when a stubborn baby tooth will not fall out, a tooth is present that cannot be preserved or saved, or a poorly positioned wisdom tooth is unable to completely erupt.  With the most advanced equipment, technology and techniques at our disposal, you can expect to be completely comfortable during an extraction procedure.

At Wharry Family Dental, we understand the idea of a tooth extraction can cause anxiety, and we strive to carefully and completely educate our patients about every aspect of the procedure and our methods for anesthesia and post-procedure care so that we can alleviate those feelings and assure you of being comfortable.

If you are in need of Fort Worth extractions and want a dentist who will treat you with compassion, skill, and experience, you are looking for Wharry Family Dental. For more information about our comprehensive practice of general, preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, please visit our website and give us a call to make your family’s appointments today!


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